StimuBabies accommodate babies from 3 Months - 2 years

We are a Bilingual / Dual Medium  Christian Baby Academy



  • 2 Full equipped classes with cots and camp cots.
  • Tables and chairs
  • Feeding Chairs
  • Potty training facilities
  • 2 complete nappy changing stations




  • No face cloths are use - only wet wipes.
  • No hand towels are used - only paper towels.
  • Sheets are washed weekly. Full day cleaning staff.


Fresh Balanced meals only.


Full day teachers and assistants, experienced with infant and child first aid.


  • Gross motor development, Rolling, Crawling, moving body parts, jumping and reaching milestones
  • Fine motor development, Edu toys, blocks, gyms and mobiles.
  • Cognitive development Majors for minors classical music, songs and stories. 1-2 years finger painting, art activities, etc.