StimuBabies accommodate babies from 3 Months - 2 years We are a Bilingual / Dual Medium  Christian Baby Academy   FACILITIES 2 Full equipped classes with cots and camp cots. Tables and chairs Feeding Chairs Pott

At StimuTodds  we accommodate toddlers from ages 2- 5 years . We are a Bilingual / Dual Medium Christian Toddler Academy.   TOILET FACILITIES 10 Toilets to accommodate different age groups and staff. SICK ROOM Sick ro

We are open  From Monday to Friday, 6:30 - 18:00 We are closed On Public Holidays. December: Closed for 3 weeks around Chrismas and New Year

            CCTV       There are cameras in every classroom for constant monitoring and recording.   SECURITY StimuTodds / StimuBabies  has h